"Tip Toe Thru The Alligators"

As a dynamic keynote, an after dinner treat, or a great half day "team building" seminar, it will please and inform your audience.


We've all heard the saying, "When you're fanny deep in alligators, it's hard to remember that your primary mission was to drain the swamp." How many of us know who the "alligators" of our lives really are? We're surrounded by many types of people as we do our jobs. Some of them are "alligators"--personality types who can threaten our associates' or our own job performance. In fact, we may be an "alligator" ourselves, or at least exhibit some of the characteristics of one. Alligators are not bad people; they just need help.

Bill Hodges' "TIP TOE THRU THE ALLIGATORS" allows us to take a nonthreatening look at some of the alligators we're most likely to encounter. Bill uses a unique style of presentation that gives his serious message a light, entertaining flair. But more important, you'll remember. Bill's use of humor, visual aids, and audience participation serve to reinforce his strong vocal delivery and give you mental pegs upon which to hang his basic points.

During the presentation, you will meet Dan Disorganized and Frieda Frenzy, along with Roger Passbuck, Mike Manana, Will Knot, and Cautious Clay. We are sure you will put real names to each character.

This program is designed to help people at all levels deal more effectively with others and themselves. By providing insights to help you overcome some of the basic obstacles to better productivity, harmonious daily interfacing with each other, and positive work attitudes, "TIP TOE THRU THE ALLIGATORS" can help you and your organization to maximize profits, reduce grievances, increase sales, and raise productivity.


  • A fantastic seminar! Right on target for all levels.
    --U.S. Postal Service

  • Thank you for a very exciting evening. I cannot remember when a speaker has held our members so captive.
    --Tampa Electric Mgmt Assn.

  • Bill, many thanks, not only for the contents of your presentation, but for the excellent manner in which you presented it. GREAT MESSAGE--EXCELLENT STYLE--WITH CLASS.
    --Natl Agricultural Chemicals Assn

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