THINK WELL OF YOURSELF Ref: posi97 pg 526 You have the Power

Someone once said, “Be kind to yourself; there are enough people who won’t be.” Whoever said this was a very intelligent man or woman. In America today, the greatest problem we face is the low self‑esteem felt by our citizens. I don’t know who is to blame, and maybe it doesn’t matter. Casting blame is really quite a worthless occupation. The fact is we, as a nation, are good people, and it’s about time we realize it. If we hide our light under a bushel, it will be a pretty dark world. Don’t be afraid to show what you have to be proud of. Take credit for who you are and what you have done.

Here are some ideas to help you build or fortify your self‑esteem.

1.   Speak well of yourself. Recognize the things you do right. This doesn’t mean you have to brag or bore people with your accomplishments, but it does insist that you do not denigrate yourself and talk down about those things of which you should be rightly proud.

2.   Dwell on your successes. Those things that go wrong are only failures if you do not learn lessons from them. Most successful men and women have suffered reversals in their personal lives and in their businesses. What they have in common is that they keep pressing forward.

3.   Become involved in things that help you to see your worth. Volunteer to help those less fortunate than yourself. It is amazing that, when we become involved in helping others, our problems seem to disappear.

4.   Associate with individuals and groups of people who will be supportive and who will help you to reach your full potential. You have heard the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Take a look at the kind of birds with whom you are flying. Are they the ones that will help lift you up or will they drag you down?

5.   Look for a job that allows you to develop your skills. It is important for our self‑esteem that we have a sense of growth. Therefore, a job must not only challenge us today, but it must also allow us the opportunity to grow tomorrow. Feeling good about ourselves is the forerunner to being able to feel good about others. It is a prime ingredient to feeling good at all. Physical health is tied directly to our mental health, and our mental health—for the most part—is tied directly to the level of self‑worth that we feel.

Speak well of yourself, believe in yourself, and be kind to yourself. If you do, you will develop a healthy level of self‑esteem that will brighten not only your life, but the lives of all around you.