The importance of providing training to new supervisors and upgrading the training of current supervisors cannot be overemphasized. Management Skills and management responsibilities must be clearly defined for the first level supervisor, foreman and shop floor team leaders. An untrained supervisor is a labor dispute waiting to happen. According to the Hudson Institute's report, Work Force 2000, the labor force is changing rapidly, with a greater emphasis on gender and ethnic diversity; and although basic management skills are the same, how they are applied will make a difference.

An adequate understanding of overall management responsibilities and specific management practices will increase the opportunities for productive dialogue and cooperation among all members of the work team. This will result in fewer labor disputes, less lost time, higher moral, more productivity, and a better bottom line.

This two or three day program will provide employees an opportunity to learn what is involved in management and will give them the skills necessary to be effective, competent, and productive supervisors.

First level supervisors and other government or industrial employees who need an opportunity to learn what is involved in management or who have significant administrative duties. Especially suitable for those identified as candidates for upward mobility.

To expand the employee's awareness of management responsibilities and techniques. Upon course completion, your participants will be able to:

  • Explain the Essential Responsibilities of Management
  • Describe the Basic Techniques of Effective Communication on the Job
  • Identify and Deal with Various Leadership Styles
  • Apply the Fundamental Steps in Problem Solving
  • Define Their Roles in Relation to Management
  • Feel Comfortable with Their Role Change from Labor to Management.

Topics will be presented by short talks, group discussions, practical workshops, selected films.


  • Responsibilities of Management
  • Effective Communications is a 24 Hour Process
  • Motivation and Interpersonal Relationship
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Responsibility Without Authority
  • Building an Effective Labor-Management Team
  • The Change from Co-Worker to Supervisor
  • Effective Time Management

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