"An outstanding speaker, motivator, presenter and instructor. He made the subject fun, informative, relevant and usable."
U.S. Air Force Program Office-General Electric

"Should be given to all supervisory and management personnel."
U.S. Corps Of Engineers

"Instructor is A-1 caliber, hope to study with him again." "Well organized and never got bogged down."
U.S. National Archives

"The material discussed was excellent."
Newark Air Force Station

"I truly learned a lot more than I expected to in this course."
USIA Voice Of America

"Instructor made the course interesting by the way he enriched the materials from his business experience."
U.S. Food And Drug Administration

"Very well presented, very effective speaker."
U.S. General Services Administration

"Excellent organization and use of time. in command of class. excellent presentation of materials."
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"Bill Hodges does more than just `teach' a class. Because he cares, he also motivates and builds confidence."
NASA Lewis Research Center

"I don't regret taking this course for a moment. I only wish my entire section could have been with me to learn about what "teamwork" really means."
U.S. Army Tank Command

"Instructor emphasized listening to, and caring about both our supervisors and our employees, but first he helped us care about ourselves."
Defense Electronic Supply Center

"A FANTASTIC seminar! Right on target for all levels."
U.S. Postal Service

"Your background, experiences, skills and personal touch all combined to make the program a meaningful event."
U.S. Air Force (ASD)

"Your presentation 'Tip Toe Thru The Alligators' made our second quarter intern luncheon seminar a great success. We'd like to thank you for accommodating our schedule. Every area of the presentation was covered with excellent detail and just the right amount of humor. Your enthusiasm was contagious and believable. Many of the interns commented that the seminar was the best they ever attended.
U.S. Army Finance & Accounting Center

"Your presentation brought us, in an exhilarating, enthusiastic, and enjoyable manner, to the point we were attempting to reach through our three-day program.
Crane Army Ammunition Activity, Crane Naval Weapons Center

NOTE: The following is an excerpt from a letter we received from the federal office that monitors government training. We were informed that, by actual student evaluations, Bill Hodges was among the top four instructors in a field of over 1,000 instructors in the Great Lakes Region of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

"While most of the many consultants we employed last year contributed to our success, a handful played a more significant part. Their performance consistently exceeded the professionalism we expect. The quality of their instruction, their ability to relate the course to the specific needs of each class, was extraordinary. You were among this extraordinary handful." U.S. Office Of Personnel Management



"It was rewarding to hear all the positive comments after your program. All of the dealers were impressed with your message, and I could see the positive effect on them the next morning at our breakfast buffet. Please feel free to use me or the ITDRA as a reference."
Indiana Tire Dealers and Retreaders Assn.

"Your presentation at our Convention was excellent. I have had several members of the Board of Directors compliment me on my excellent choice. Thanks for being our featured speaker and setting the tone for our Convention."
Ohio Meat Industries Assn.

"I would gladly recommend your performance to any of my colleagues in the association business. The message, "How to deal with different types of people," is one that appeals to just about any audience that we can assemble. What makes recommending you to my colleagues so easy is the degree to which you will work with the meeting manager to make sure that your presentation is right on the mark."
National American Wholesale Grocers' Assn.

"Please use us as a reference ANYTIME, ANYWHERE."
Ohio Telephone Assn.

"Thanks so very much for sharing your vibrant sunshine with our members. You truly can move people. The comments received from the sophisticated meeting attendees were most favorable. Everyone enjoyed your light-hearted humor and your ability to handle the questions and comments which a presentation such as yours generates. I need not tell you that physicians are one group of people not easily pleased. But if anyone could please them, I knew you would."
Ohio Soc. of Anesthesiologists

"Many thanks to you, not only for the contents of your presentation, but for the excellent manner in which you presented it. GREAT MESSAGE-EXCELLENT STYLE -WITH CLASS."
National Agricultural Chemicals Assn.

"Thanks for helping make our St. Louis Convention a success. I believe you must agree that you certainly had a most responsive audience. We really enjoyed having you with us, and I trust that we will have the opportunity to work together again as we plan future programs."
National Ice Cream Retailers Assn.

"The scope of your presentation indicates that you have not only studied the subject of personal relations but have some real working knowledge of the subject. Any organization which deals with people on any kind of constant level should have the opportunity to hear your stimulating presentation."
Indiana Crop Improvement Assn.

"You presentation, 'Tip Toe Thru the Alligators,' was well received and discussed throughout the remainder of the conference. It became quite obvious that the secretaries appreciated such a quality and informative presentation."
Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

"Mr. Hodges, your presentation of 'Tip Toe Thru the Alligators' attests to your knowledge. You are witty, you are stimulating, you are thought provoking. Your program, regardless of trades, careers or professions of your audience, seems to have been specifically created for that particular audience. Your program should be made mandatory for everyone who comes into contact with other human beings."
Ohio Osteopathic Med. Assts. Assn.

"'Tip Toe Thru the Alligators' was a delightful and inspiring program. As program chairman, it was especially rewarding to hear comments such as, "This was the best NAIOP meeting we've ever had."
SW Ohio Chapter, Nat'l Assn. of Industrial and Office Parks

"Your outstanding presentation, "Tip Toe Thru the Alligators," provided our group with new insights while keeping them entertained. No small feat, especially after a reception and dinner. The positive response from our group is testimony to your preparation and professional presentation."
Ohio Electric Utilities Institute

"I extend my sincere thanks for a great program at our April meeting. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and your program was not only very appropriate for our hotel sales managers, but could also be recommended to our various clients."
Columbus Hotel Sales Mgt. Assn.

"An excellent presentation ... as reflected in the student evaluations. The enthusiasm generated by your course certainly demands that we schedule future dates for this course on our educational calendar."
Dayton Area Board of Realtors

"What a conclusion to a convention! An outstanding presentation that tied in perfectly with our entire convention."
Ohio Assn. of Farm & Power Equipment Retailers

"Thank you for being so upbeat and enthusiastic during your presentation to the Ohio Funeral Directors Association at our Annual Convention. It seems as though that all 500 people in attendance were truly in tune with life as you present it and obviously live it. It is a gifted knack to be so terribly informative, yet entertaining as well."
Ohio Funeral Directors Assn.




"Thank you for a very exciting evening. I cannot remember when a speaker has held our members so captive. The message you gave was informative, interesting and humorous. It was really enjoyable to relate your characters to people I know and have worked with. I would recommend your talk to any management group. In your talk, "Tip Toe Thru the Alligators," there is a message for everyone. Human Relations is an area we must continue to develop. "Once again, thank you for a delightful evening."
Tampa Electric Company, Tampa, FL

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation to our NMA meeting of January 17. I know I speak for those who were there in saying that your message was one of the best presented and most worthwhile ideas we have heard in a long time. It is with great pleasure that I would recommend you to any NMA group or other professional association. Your contagious enthusiasm and meaningful message would be beneficial to all."
Square D Company Milwaukee, WI

"The reviews are in! … 'Bill was super!'; '…when can we have more Bill?' "But seriously though, by all reports the staff greatly benefited from your remarks. I truly thank you for your presentation during this workshop. We must have you back to share this dynamic seminar with all levels of employees. I look forward (with great anticipation) to other opportunities to work with you in the very near future. Once again you've demonstrated that you're a great professional and a friend.&QUOT
Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority, Dayton, OH

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful dinner speech you gave to our management club. I speak for the leaders of the management club and people and friends in and about AVCO Lycoming in that they all appreciated your speech. I felt that your words came from one of the BEST management speakers touring in the United States."
AVCO Management Club, Stratford, CT

"It is a pleasure to thank you again for the outstanding contribution you made to our dinner meeting. Your visual aids, your oral presentation and your minute attention to detail set your program off from all the others I have seen. I must add that your talk, 'Tip Toe Thru the Alligators,' was not only presented professionally, but it was a timely and interesting subject. We all knew that the alligators were out there, now thanks to your presentation, perhaps we can recognize them, and to recognize them is to beat them."
The Diamond Unity Management Club, Lancaster, OH

"For our chapter, I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your time in sharing such an important message. Everyone was truly appreciative of the insight they gained in assessing interpersonal relationships and coming to grips with who they are as individuals. Behavior modification is a critical element in effective management and your 'characters' will prove to be valuable reminders to each of us as we evaluate team building, objective setting and motivation. Again, thank you for such a pleasant learning experience. 'Tip Toe Thru the Alligators' was a wonderful presentation. Your energy, enthusiasm and humor were key elements in making the experience effective and fun."
Blue Cross of Central Ohio, Columbus, OH

"What a pleasure it is to write this letter. I wish to thank you on behalf of our National Management Association. Your message was appreciated and very well received. The six characters you used in your presentation, 'Tip Toe Thru the Alligators,' were excellent in helping us assess our interpersonal relationships. I have recommended you to others and will continue because your message was impactful and beneficial to all."
McDonnell Douglas Management Assn., Kennedy Space Ctr., FL

"We enjoyed having you participate in our NMA monthly meeting and I have heard nothing but good things about your presentation. We'll look forward to seeing you again soon."
St. Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK

"Your program, `Tip Toe Thru The Alligators,' provided insights into the behavior of ourselves and others in a lively, entertaining way. I am receiving nothing but positive comments from those who attended the meeting. I want to compliment you on a very professional presentation."
Pennwalt-Wyandotte, Wyandotte, MI

"On behalf of the Lenawee Chapter of National Management, I would like to extend our appreciation for your fine presentation. Everyone attending enjoyed your program, and had very good comments about it."
Lenawee Chapter, Adrian, MI

"We survey our members attending the meetings each month for their ratings on the speaker. You were given an overwhelmingly positive response. Many members have stopped me here at work to tell me how much they enjoyed your speech and that you are the best speaker we have had this year."
Square D Company, Lexington, KY

"Our group really responded to your ideas and message. As you are aware, we are in the midst of change due to our company's recent merger. The ideas of how to work together with different types of people and recognizing their motives and needs was needed at this time. We will definitely want to consider a return visit."
Dresser Clark, Olean, NY

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