Conducting and effective meeting is an art that requires training and knowledge not only in human nature but in human physiology. In the past, meetings were held to further the business effort. It seems today that the business effort is to hold meetings. Statistics from Meeting Planners International tell us that there are eleven million meetings held every day. It therefore behooves us to take a look at how we are conducting these meetings and what benefits government and industry are deriving from them. This program is designed to provide the attendee with the tools necessary to design, conduct, and evaluate a variety of meeting formats.

This program is designed for all levels of personnel who have primary or secondary responsibility for preparing for meetings, physical meeting set up, and conducting meetings.

The objectives of this program are threefold:

  • The first is to acquaint the participant with the physical aspects of the meeting environment. (seating, lighting, sound, audio-visual, projector, coffee breaks, site selection, etc.).
  • The second is to instill in them the ability to physically manage the meeting. (i.e., set up schedules, lead discussions, facilitate group dynamics, understand problem solving techniques, setting agenda.)
  • The third is to give the meeting manager comprehensive tools for meeting evaluation. (personal evaluation checklists, speaker evaluation checklists, and comprehensive meeting evaluation checklists.)

This program is presented through lecture, individual exercises, case studies, role playing, and group discussions.


  • Site Selection and Facility Review
  • Choosing the Meeting Format
  • Meeting Agenda Flowchart Preparation
  • Techniques for Leading a Meeting
  • Group Problem Solving Methods
  • Group Interaction Dynamics
  • Effective Use of Visuals
  • Using Breaks Effectively
  • Evaluating Meeting Effectiveness

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