Leadership is an important skill that has been over looked in America. The emphasis in business over the past 30 years has been to develop managers. We've done a pretty good job of it. What we have not done is develop leaders. This program is designed to help people understand the differences between being a good manager and being a great leader.

The Program highlights a leader's responsibilities and shares many innovative and exciting methods for accomplishing those responsibilities. It dispels many of the leadership myths and opens the door to people who may have never thought themselves to be leadership material. With equal opportnity people of all sexes can find themselves in manager and supervisor positions that in years past would have been unthinkable. As a result of this door opening it is important that everyone prepares to take command.

This will be a very valuable program to the personnel of any organization or corporation, especially if they hope to compete in the world of the future. Remember there are always three options--lead, follow, or get out of the way. The successful organizations will be those who can meet the challenges of leadership.

This program will be valuable to all levels of personnel, but it will be especially valuable to those who must create an atmosphere in which others must want to follow them. OBJECTIVES:
Upon completion of this program, the attendees will be able to:
  • Understand the differences between managing and leading
  • Separate the facts from the myths of leadership
  • Understand what motivates people
  • Recognize the qualities of a true leader
  • See how proper communications is a strong leadership tool
  • Create enthusiasm that lasts
  • Understand the handling of leadership stress

  • Setting standards
  • Body Language
  • Types of motivators
  • Listening
  • Leadership qualities
  • Things to avoid
  • Stress Management
  • Speaking to be understood
  • Listening
  • And many, many more

Surfs up. Are you ready to ride the leadership wave into the future?

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