Poor communications are at the root of most of our team and individual problems. Over eighty percent (80%) of the problems we face as human beings are directly or indirectly related to how we have communicated our messages to others or how we have filtered the messages coming to us. Ask yourself how many times in the last month you have heard or used phrases like: "That isn't what you said." "You knew what I meant." Did I not speak clearly or did you not listen well. At this point it doesn't matter because the fight is on. Your people are expending energy getting even with each other rather than meeting the goals of the organization. With this course we can stop the infighting before it begins by: making people aware of their filters; showing them how to control anger; helping them to see the payment they make for every action they take; and opening their minds to the possibilities and potentials of those around them.

Personnel at all levels. Mixing of levels in the same class is not only acceptable, but desirable.

This course will help participants to eliminate or reduce tensions caused by communication failures both on the job and at home. After attending this course, participants will be better able to:

  • Control Their Anger
  • Identify the Filters through Which We Each See Life
  • Recognize the Price We Pay for Hostility
  • Listen Not Just Hear - Effective listening - Active listening
  • Effectively Solicit and Use Feedback
  • Recognize the Messages Given by Body Language
  • Understand the Problems Faced by Their Teammates
  • Speak Not Only to be Understood but so as not to be Misunderstood

Instructor uses short lectures, role plays, films, practical exercises and group participation.

The following topics are a representative sample of those which will be covered. (The depth and length of any topic will be directly related to the length of the course and the specific needs of the sponsor organization.)

  • The One-Two-Three-Four of Meaningful Communications
  • Identifying Anger Reactions
  • Body Language and What It Means
  • How Life Experience Effects Judgment
  • Developing a Healthy Awareness of Others
  • Strategies For Active Listening
  • Assertiveness versus Aggressiveness

  • Reduction of Grievances
  • Communications training

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