Oral communicatons or Presentations skills are all important in today's busness world. Meetings are taking up more and more of our executive and mid-level management work day. Yet the productivity generated by these intrusions upon our precious time has been declining steadily because we are not communicating effectively. In too many meetings we are burying ourselves in a flurry of paper rather than communicating verbally, thus decreasing our ability to communicate orally. We are also loosing the ability to listen effectively

Using the methods in this course, we attack these problems from two levels. First, we enhance the ability of the presenter to communicate ideas through the use of eye contact, proper preparation, and effective use of visuals, i.e., flip charts, chalkboards, viewgraphs, etc. Speakers will also be taught techniques for the control of stage fright and other types of platform fears. We also concentrate on increasing the listener's ability to absorb presented materials.

Many vital decisions in both government and industry are made on the strength of a presentation given by an employee who may or may not be able to communicate. At the least, this failure could cost money. At its worst, it could cost lives. This three, four, or five-day investment of time will pay dividends.

Personnel at all levels who must make staff presentations, have contact with the press, or make presentations to supervision. It is also recommended for support personnel who are involved in the preparation of presentation and briefing materials.

To expand the employees' ability to communicate orally and enable them to derive more from meetings by demonstrating:

  • Effective listening skills
  • Effective use of visuals
  • Proper presentation preparation techniques
  • Control of natural platform fears
  • Ability to handle hands-on speaking situations.
  • Control of emotions and fears
  • Confidence in front of customers, supervision and co-workers
Topics will be presented by short lectures, group discussions, films, individual coaching, and evaluations through video recordings of student presentations.


  • Listening Techniques
  • Dynamic Presentation Skills and Speaking capabilities
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Visual Preparation
  • Use of Speaking Aids, i.e., flip charts, Power Point, Props, Body Language, etc.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking and Presentations
  • Formal vs. Informal Presentations

  • Speaking To the Press

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