Essential to successful supervision is the basic ability to communicate with employees and the skill to provide adequate counseling. These tasks which are inherent in every supervisory position, are the keys to effective supervision. Yet, they are often the least understood and the least proficiently executed. Their effectiveness in performance evaluation, discipline, coping with problem employees, and most importantly, seeking to bring about improved performance depends directly upon the proficiency supervisors have in communicating and counseling. These are the kinds of interviews that supervisors approach with often well-founded misgivings.

This two or three-day program will provide your personnel with the ability to handle difficult interpersonal relationship problems in an assured and positive manner, thereby reducing grievances.

All individuals whose responsibilities, either directly or indirectly, include counseling employees at a nonprofessional level, i.e., employee to employee, supervisor to employee, or manager to supervisor.

After completing this course, participants will have increased ability to:

  • Discuss the dual role of the supervisor-counselor
  • Describe types of situations when counseling is desirable, advisable, or required
  • Describe the two basic approaches to counseling and the types of situations in which each is useful
  • Employ "active listening" and other communication facilitating techniques
  • Employ various responses and/or leads to keep a counseling interview moving towards its objective

Topics will be presented by short talks, group discussions, practical workshops, selected films.


  • Counseling Concepts
  • Communicating Styles
  • Interviewing
  • Feedback and Self-Appraisal
  • Counseling Skills Workshop
  • Transactional Analysis

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