Brain laterality looks at the functions of our right brain and our left brain. Each side of our brain controls certain functions of our behavior. Over the years, most of us have learned in science classes that we as human beings are only using about 10% of our brain power. Current scientific research is now revealing that we are using less than 1% of the available power locked up in the human brain. In a day's time, most of us make only 15% of our decisions consciously. The remaining portion of our day is controlled by our subconscious mind that operates very much like an auto-pilot. Taking conscious control of this 85% of our actions would allow us tremendous growth by allowing us to use our whole brain. It is unreasonable at this point in our development to believe we can (or that we may even want to) consciously control all of our actions. However, we can improve. Through conscious participation, we can make more effective use of our subconscious controls. Investment in time in this program and the mind expanding exercises that are taught will allow your people to better understand themselves, to reduce friction with others, and to make more effective use of their time.

Personnel at all levels.

To increase the employees' productivity through helping them to understand how their mental machinery operates for whole brain thinking and therefore bringing the power of their right brain and left brain to bear on any problem or opportunity. To do this, they will learn:

  • The Mechanical Function of the Brain
  • How Brain Laterality Works (right brain and left brain)
  • How to Make Dreams Work for Them
  • How to Program the Subconscious Mind
  • How to Use Positive Affirmations to Increase Productivity
  • How to Increase Physical Health by Mental Programming
  • Techniques for Opening Their Minds to New Ideas
  • How to Build a Better Self Image and Change Behavior Patterns

Topics will be presented by short talks, group discussions, practical workshops, and selected films.


  • Comparisons of the Brain to Mechanical Computers
  • The Right Brain, Left Brain Connection
  • Mental Imagery
  • Development of Thought and Belief Patterns
  • Liberating the Unconscious
  • Visual Thinking
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Changing Behavior Patterns

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